TeleSmart® Location Services Privacy Policy

By using our location services, products, websites, or otherwise by interacting with us, you consent to this privacy policy. If you do not agree with the terms of this policy, please do not use any of the products utilizing the following service.

This service uses the approximate location data from your mobile telephone to aid us in routing your call to the most appropriate call center. By using this service, you consent and permit your wireless carrier to share your location with others. There is no representation, warranty or guarantee of accuracy, completeness or timeliness of any location data, product or service.

TeleSmart understands and respects your concerns about the use of your personally identifiable information, collected from you as a customer of our services that identifies you as a specific person or entity (“personal information”). Personal information includes callerID (Your Telephone Number), and call records. Personal information does not include anonymous or aggregate information, which after processing may not be associated with a specific person or entity. We believe that you should know what information about you we collect, as well as how that information is used, maintained, and, in some cases, shared. The following sets forth our privacy practices and policies, applicable to you the customer.

What are Location Services?

The Location Service is a method we use when you dial one of our IVR applications that captures the approximate location of your mobile phone.
When you dial a service that requires the use of your location information for call routing purposes we can provide you with the most geographically precise service center or service provider that meets your needs.

How we use and store this information

We use your approximate location data to route your call to the most geographically precise service center. We do not share your location data. It is only used to aid our system in routing your call. We store your approximate location information in our database for 24 hours for system diagnostics. After which time any personally identifiable information is taken out of the logs and we keep only the diagnostic level data.

Data Security

We are very serious about security.
We continuously update our firewalls for all of our services to prevent unauthorized access to servers.
We only allow access to our location database to authorized personal in our company. No third party consultants may access our data stores.
Our off site backups of diagnostic data is cleansed of any personal information and then encrypted.