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Welcome to TeleSmart®

Helping businesses operate more efficiently, increase sales and customer satisfaction that all leads to increased revenues and profits.

Call Reporting
TeleSmart provides online IVR and Voice Broadcasting Reports for its clients
Call Routing
An effective pre-call routing solution can increase your revenue while reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.
(Interactive Voice Response) allows callers to interact
with your company or organization during and after hours typically without the need of an agent.
Call Location Look-up
Identity wireless callers locations in real-time

SMS Integration
Short Code and Texting Integrations
Intelligent Phone Number Solutions

Track Your Marketing Performance & Generate More Sales with TeleSmart

Our Marketing ROI technology identifies every lead you generate and tracks the online or traditional advertisement that produced it. Know exactly which marketing investments are generating call responses. No hardware or software to install. Our web-based application can be up and running in minutes...or just a day or two with sophisticated applications. Check out our News & Events...

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Total Call Management
  • Track your marketing dollars
  • Document important details of customer
    service calls
  • Discover customer demographics
  • View a customer's call history instantly
  • Monitor and train employees using recorded calls
  • Track outbound calls
  • Reach large audiences with pre-recorded
  • Access real-time call information
  • Comply with DNC regulations
  • Inbound Call Measurement
  • Measure the effectiveness of your ads by
    tracking the responses of each campaign
  • Select a call measurement telephone number
    (local or toll-free) in real-time
  • Place the number on a marketing campaign
  • Inbound calls are tracked and the caller's
    information is captured
  • An audio recording of both sides of the
    conversation is saved
  • Subjective information can be attached to a call
    (handling agent, call result, etc.)
  • Real-time results are available
  • Calls may be saved / shared online
  • Useful for marketing analysis, training,
    verification and evaluation
  • InsightChoose from over 280 Voice Applications    
    IntellectEmpowering higher levels of success                  InnovationExplore cutting-edge technology
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    TeleSmart® will assist you in finding the best applications to fit your needs.
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