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How Important is the Phone to your Business?

Formed in 1998 with corporate headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, TeleSmart® offers custom-tailored call routing and IVR solutions with unparalleled accuracy, reliability and powerful reporting. Our experience has been honed processing over 78 million real customer calls while serving thousands of clients.

TeleSmart® provides real time voice innovation via IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology. Our tried and proven strategies are custom-tailored to each client partner. This provides maximum telephonic efficiency and optimization. Innovation without boundaries is what guides our company, our team and our customers.

TeleSmart® is not like the myriad of incumbent phone companies that "do a little of everything", but not "one thing well". We are focused on providing real time customer service through advanced technology and rapid customer support offered by skilled Account Managers.

While our pricing is more competitive then the incumbent carriers, we don't attempt to be the least expensive player in the space. We build value with our advanced technology and our approach to customer satisfaction without compromise.

Additional TeleSmart® Benefits:

  • TeleSmart® delivers sharper price points and superior technology due to the fact we own, and have built our entire network from the ground up. Our hosted IVR and software allows TeleSmart® to scale its infrastructure to meet the growing needs of clients while providing a bullet proof, world class III redundant network.
  • TeleSmart®'s emphasis on placing customers first gives us an edge on the competition. We sincerely believe in 100% customer satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to keep our valued clients happy.
  • TeleSmart® doesn't need long-term contracts. Rarely do we lose clients. Hence, we have no need to lock our customers into lengthy agreements. We earn our clients' business every day.
  • TeleSmart®'s clients rave about the capabilities of our Account Managers... their abilities to manage and update all our IVR accounts in real time, thereby meeting client needs without delay.
  • TeleSmart® is easier to use and more intuitive. Our customers have direct control over their accounts. We provide them instant access through their own secure, password-protected "control panels". It's easy for our clients to manage their accounts!
  • TeleSmart® beats the competition by providing real-time Call Reporting and Tracking on every account.
  • TeleSmart®'s Pricing: In most cases, TeleSmart® provides more attractive price points for same-type-services than those offered by our competition.
  • TeleSmart® prides itself in another competitive advantage: We listen! We encourage and highly value our customers' input and suggestions. Then, we carefully strive to meet our clients' current requirements while also planning for their future needs.
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    TeleSmart® will assist you in finding the best applications to fit your needs.
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