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Shared Use Vanity 800 Toll-Free Company Examples

TeleSmart® Enhanced Toll-Free Solutions

TeleSmart's Enhanced Toll-Free Solutions allow you to instantly activate and forward your 800 numbers, view calls, and analyze the results of your ad campaigns online! We deliver customized call routing to meet your unique requirements. We can route by a single nationwide toll-free number or multiple shared-usage toll-free numbers. Many of our TeleSmart clients offer Vanity 800 numbers on a shared-usage basis throughout both the U.S. and Canada.

TeleSmart's common applications include dealer-locator, shared-use, and automated interactive voice response (IVR) menus. We offer an extensive suite of online reporting modules to help you manage and track your advertising success.

TeleSmart gives you online control panel access to effectively manage your toll-free communication in real time. Moreover, we offer you the versatility to expand your toll-free service as your business grows. We offer:

  • Functionality: TeleSmart's Enhanced Toll Free routes every call to the right individual. Routing can be based on geography, time, and type of caller (a wireless call for instance) among other criteria.
  • Efficiency: In times of high call volume, you can offer your callers the option to request a call back. Other intuitive features handle conferencing as well as credit card transactions. These further increase your ability to handle callers efficiently.
  • Ability to Scale: Every application-even virtual call centers-can grow seamlessly across the TeleSmart intelligent network.
  • Cost control: There are NO upfront equipment costs or maintenance contracts with the TeleSmart Enhanced Toll Free network solution.
  • Other Key Features of the TeleSmart® Enhanced Toll-Free Solutions

  • A single toll-free number can ring to any ten-digit number-an existing number or a newly created "vanity" number.
  • Automated call routing based on a broad menu of specifications.
  • Web-based tools for account management and analysis, along with itemized invoices to track usage and spending by number or location.
  • Network queues and voicemail to maximize utilization of every line.
  • Virtual call centers allowing call logging and queuing. It's also possible to establish separate accounts for franchise locations with billing to the answering locations.
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