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TeleSmart® Voicemail & Fax Messaging & Notifications

TeleSmart simplifies your communications by giving you a central location for managing all of your Voicemail, Faxing, Messaging, Conferencing, Contacts, Calendar, and other office needs. Our automated assistant for mobile professionals forwards calls to you at any phone. All the features are accessible by phone, web, and your existing email.

Feature List

  • Unlimited voice mail boxes featuring call transfer, remote access, email notification and forwarding
  • Custom Call Forwarding
  • Dynamically configures or changes IVR scripts for each telephone line
  • Complete online or telephone remote control
  • DTMF tone generation and recognition gives ability to enter numbers
  • VoiceXML 1.0 and 2.0 compliant (can save IVR scripts in VoiceXML format, and open third-party VoiceXML IVR scripts)
  • Full Caller ID compliance
  • Plug-in architecture and API for adding custom extensions
  • VBScript and JavaScript support for custom extensions within the script
  • Telephone line emulator included for off-line testing of your IVR scripts
  • Call transfer to other phone numbers or extensions (requires a PBX or activation of your phone company feature)
  • 3-way calling, optionally playing back or saying any information, allowing the recipient to accept or decline the call (subject to your phone company features)
  • Email forwarding of highly compressed voice messages
  • Dialer module can dial phone numbers and run an IVR script once the call is answered
  • Music-on-hold
  • Can execute other programs, transferring data to and from an external application
  • Full logging of all call details and all selections made during the call
  • Extensive reporting capabilities with custom reports and analysis
  • MS Fax integration
  • Pre-recorded voice prompts
  • IVR script templates for many of the typical IVR tasks
  • InsightChoose from over 280 Voice Applications    
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