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TeleSmart® Bill Paying/Account Balance/Transfer Services

This application is designed for use by institutions that manage bank accounts and payment orders for their customers. TeleSmart enables customers to request information about their account balance or transfer funds from one account to the other by means of the telephone. Rather than customers visiting local offices, voice response technology provides a cost effective and user-friendly alternative.

TeleSmart offers Automatic Bill Paying, Account Balance and Transfer of monies capabilities through its proprietary IVR (Interactive Voice Response) platform. Our technology can automate your sales process, streamline fee collections, and improve the productivity of your collections department. Your clients will now have the option to pay their bills by phone, 24 hours a day. Our software lets your clients call an 800 number to pay their bills or fees.

Applications of our system include: (1.) Internet on line shopping; (2.) Retail - call & order; (3.) Service industries - payment support; (4.) Telecommunications: Billing & charging against pre-paid calling cards; (5.) Travel - reservations and payments; and (6.) Broadcasting - Tele-shopping, PayTV and many other applications.

How Does the TeleSmart® Account Balance / Transfer Work?

Paying bills using our automated phone service is easy to use and implement. This feature can be embedded in your normal phone sales process or can be a standalone application dedicated to bill or fee payment. The following highlights an application of this powerful fee collection tool.

  • You provide your customers with an 800 number to call for bill payment
  • Our center answers calls and provides custom greetings and selection menus
  • Our phone system will collect an account number used to access account information
  • Our system will access the client's account information over a secured network
  • Using text to speech technology, account information is converted
  • Our IVR provides your clients their account balance or subscription fee info
  • Payments can be processed by collecting credit card or merchant account numbers
  • Our system transmits this information to an accredited card processing service
  • Our IVR system returns this information to your accounting department
  • Naturally, this process can be customized to meet your specific bill payment requirements.

    Your Right to Privacy is Protected

    Information will be given over the telephone to participants only if they can demonstrate their identity through knowledge of personal information. If such knowledge cannot be demonstrated, account information will not be discussed over the telephone. Since your file is confidential, we cannot release information to your spouse, relatives, or group representative. Information provided through the TeleSmart website and interactive voice response (IVR) system is permitted only with a valid user identification (ID) and personal identification number (PIN).

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