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TeleSmart® Caller Data Capture

Harvest profitable Caller Data with TeleSmart. Make your contact with prospects and customers more productive and profitable with the TeleSmart Data Capture system.

Insert your unique national toll-free or local telephone number into each advertisement you wish to track. Calls to these numbers route through our system and ring to your business phone. As the inbound calls to your trackable numbers pass through our digital switch, our system connects to a database of information about each call...the caller's name, phone number and address, plus the time, duration and completion status of the call (connected, busy, ring-no-answer, abandoned). We link virtually every U.S. phone number to a broad array of information. And we deliver it in a split second for a range of solutions. .

TeleSmart call tracking does not require the installation of new hardware at your place of business or special software on your computers. Our carrier-quality routers, switches, and servers are housed in a state-of-the-art facility in Beaverton, Oregon. TeleSmart's infrastructure currently handles thousands of tracked, recorded and routed calls every day.

The data about your callers that TeleSmart captures is available to you through secure, real-time Web-based reports ranging from pie charts and executive summaries to detail-rich tables cross-referencing individual callers' information to nationwide demographic statistics. Your data even can be delivered as XML-formatted email, enabling seamless integration with your CRM system.

With TeleSmart, you can be certain your data will remain confidential, secure, and available 24x7. Our contract with you ensures that you retain ownership of your data. We never will sell it or release it to others.

With TeleSmart® Caller Data Capture You Can:

  • Improve your conversion rates by leveraging accurate, in-depth data while you're interacting with unknown prospects or managing customer relations.
  • Extend your remarketing reach with the most precise and up-to-date contact information available.
  • Raise your online lead quality by quickly and cost-effectively verifying submitted name, address and phone number information.
  • Improve your risk and enrollment decision-making by instantly and reliably verifying submitted name, address and phone number information.
  • Route callers to the most appropriate location or agent, ensuring you don't miss any sales or retention opportunities.
  • Provide your customers with better Information Services such as enhanced caller name display and call reporting.
  • Customizing Softkeys
  • Configuring Call Transfer and Forward
  • InsightChoose from over 280 Voice Applications    
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