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Telesmart® Auto Attendant/Unified Messaging

The main incoming line of most business phone systems is answered by an auto attendant. An auto attendant is a computer that plays voice messages, allows the callers to select options and route calls. The option selections may allow callers to ring an extension, hear product information, key in information, listen to driving directions or speak with a live operator.

Businesses without an auto attendant appear small in size to their potential customers. Another challenge is that traditional in-house auto attendants are very expensive, require costly set up and maintenance and are often out of the price range for most small to mid-sized businesses. Enter TeleSmart! Our TeleSmart Virtual Receptionist gives you the features and benefits of a sophisticated auto attendant at a fraction of the cost..

TeleSmart's Virtual Receptionist is a high quality, low cost virtual phone system. Virtual Receptionist is a low cost alternative to purchasing an expensive auto attendant, PBX or costly Key office phone system. Your customers will be impressed with the professional big company image provided by the sound of the TeleSmart's Virtual Receptionist. This fully customizable virtual receptionist greets callers, takes messages & routes calls seamlessly!

TeleSmart® Virtual Receptionist Auto Attendant Benefits

  • Incoming calls are answered with your customized, professional greeting
  • Unlimited extensions with instant call transfer & voicemail allows you to keep everyone in your company accessible from the office, on the road, home, or away
  • Calls are instantly routed to the extension & phone number(s) of your choice
  • Callers can be routed to additional voice prompts or menus
  • Unlimited voice prompts & menus provide the ultimate in flexibility
  • Voicemail with additional Voicemail Boxes as an option
  • Web-Based Account Management through your own secure control panel
  • Additional Benefits

  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Unlimited Voice Prompts & Menus
  • Call Transfers to U.S. and Canadian Destinations
  • Transfer Your Existing Toll Free Number(s)
  • Online Real-time Call Reporting
  • Caller ID Reporting
  • After Hours Alternate Greeting
  • Email Notifications
  • ACD Automatic Call Distribution
  • Music on Hold
  • InsightChoose from over 280 Voice Applications    
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