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Voicemail (Local & Toll-Free)

TeleSmart offers a "hosted voicemail service" with unlimited capacity, Web and e-mail message delivery and fax mailbox capabilities! We enable you to enjoy all the voice messaging features you need to keep your business at peak efficiency. Our system eliminates the cost and complexity of buying and maintaining a hardware-based phone system. TeleSmart provides an easy-to-use voicemail service on a local or toll free number. This plan allows callers to listen to pre-recorded information, and request info via fax (which is delivered automatically). Message notification is available via e-mail, cell phone, or pager.

Get your Voicemail Anywhere, Anytime

  • Receive voicemail as email
  • Listen to voice messages on your PC, online, or by phone
  • Get notified of new messages on your cell phone
  • Record custom greetings
  • Set up multiple mailboxes with auto-attendant
  • Receive missed call notifications in real time
  • TeleSmart's voice mail plans are hosted on our top-grade internal servers that are maintained to the highest standards of performance and availability. There's no hardware or software for you to install, and any phone is capable of retrieving your voicemail messages.

    TeleSmart® Voicemail Systems Benefits include:

  • Unlimited capacity: Most voicemail systems refuse to accept new messages when they are full. TeleSmart allows as many voicemail messages as you need since there is no limit to the number of messages our system can hold. You'll never lose an important message again.
  • Receive faxes and have them sent to e-mail: No need to have another fax line or fax machine. Faxes are sent to the same number as your voicemail messages.
  • E-mail notification and web administration: Listen to your voicemails through the web or have them sent to you via e-mail or text messaging (SMS). Of course, you can also access your account through a standard telephone.
  • Flexibility: Our voicemail systems work from home offices, standard offices, or mobile phones with no discrimination. You can listen to messages (and view faxes and call reports or control your account) through our Web interface...your own password protected control panel...or via e-mail. This allows you to access your voicemail messages free of charge from anywhere in the world.
  • Question and answer capability: When you need more information, an account number, address, name or telephone number from a caller, use the TeleSmart Q&A mailbox. Simply record each question separately; the caller's answers are placed in a single message that can be played over the phone or through the Web just like any voicemail message.
  • Information Only ability: Just want the caller to listen to a pre-recorded message without having to leave a voicemail? This is the service for you. You can also get a detailed list of all callers that listened to your message.
  • Optional Extensions: Get optional extensions to allow your company to look bigger, track advertising, or more.
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