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Call Rotations

Call Rotations for Sales & Marketing

Call Rotations from TeleSmart provide special solutions for companies that require specialized handling of incoming calls. For example, companies involved in targeted marketing or co-op advertising may find Call Rotations particularly useful. If you're part of a group doing network marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM), or Co-op Advertising, you know your company has special needs. TeleSmart helps you establish live answer or voicemail rotations to evenly distribute the calls to a group of people within your organization.

Calls are received via a single toll-free (or local direct-in-dial) number and are passed off on a rotating basis to members of your organization that are assigned to take the calls. These calls can also be routed to separate voicemail boxes on a rotating basis. This ability to implement and manage live or voicemail rotations makes TeleSmart your ideal solution for every type of sales campaign.

Lead Rotations

Individual toll-free numbers are attached to a lead ("dummy") toll-free number. For no extra charge, we will attach a minimum of 5 new/current numbers to the lead number. This type of live or voicemail rotation allows co-op advertising leaders the luxury of having each member responsible for their own billing. It also allows members the use of their voicemail account for other messages.

Box Rotations

Box rotations are similar to lead rotations except that the rotation "owner" pays the entire bill for the mailboxes. Mailboxes for the rotation may be used only for the rotation.

Other Rotation Features

  • Live rotations
  • Voice Mail Rotations
  • Box Rotations
  • Percent Allocation Routing
  • Active User Rotations
  • Complete Call Reports (even hang-ups are logged)
  • Flexible Billing Options...the person managing the entire rotation or individual participants
  • Receive and Store an Unlimited Number of Messages
  • Play Voice Messages Online or Have Them emailed to You
  • Information Playback Extensions Available
  • Free email Notification
  • Free Web Administration through Your Own Secure Control Panel
  • InsightChoose from over 280 Voice Applications    
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